Pushkar Bendre

For me and my wife, this shop is no less than a holy shrine. Earlier, it was a pitstop on my way back from Kasturi (a famous Dhaka cuisine restaurant), but later, as I developed the taste for Bengali sweets, this small shop turned into a temple for me.
Amazing is an understatement for the delicacies they serve. My favorite is Mango Gelato Sandesh, which is usually available during summers. Every single bite will bring tears of joy in your eyes....

It is priced at Rs. 500/kg, but I tell you, it is worth every single 'taka' of yours.
Another favorite is Baked Rosogulla, which is a dish sent on earth by the gods themselves. It is perfect after a heavy non vegetarian meal on a Sunday noon. The first bite will make you speechless, the second will make you high and the third will give you an orgasm and the fourth one will give you goosebumps. The fifth one will make you jump with joy and feel really good about your life.
During winters all mishti shops in Kolkata bring out their nolen gur artillery, but none come close to Balaram Mullick. The gur filled sandesh and the nolen gurer rosogulla are the best I have had in my entire life. They even sell the Nolen Gur (solid and liquid), which you can use for cooking some sweets at home.
This place is a mishti heaven you can definitely indulge yourself in.

Avishome Banerjee

It was a very special treat for me as i had got complimentary passes from zomato to snack at this legendary sweet shop.
Finally visited Balaram Mullick & Radharaman on a hot sweltering afternoon when most of Calcutta seemed to be deserted but to my surprise this restaurant located in a small bylane of Bhawanipore was fully packed with orders flying here and there ,workers hustling to serve the customers....

On being asked for their speciality we were told to try out the "Baked Rosogolla" which was realy heavenly with a soft spongy rasogolla layered with malai rabri ,and i felt like keeping on eating but had to try other items too.
"Radha Ballabi" was soft tasty and the rich aloo(Potato Gravy) was cooked authentic bengali style.
The "Veg Samosa" had a modern twist to it and was filled with veggies like capsicum,sweet-corn,baby-corn,carrots etc and had a distinct but subtle taste. The "Mango" and "Kesar Pista kulfi " both were perfect ,but i personally favour the Mango Kulfi as it had loads of Mango flavour and a tangy twist which really appealed to me and is a must try.
The restaurant also offers a huge variety of Mishti Doi(Sweet Flavoured Curd) and Gelatos which can put other bakeries to shame, and i have vowed to try them soon. Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is truly legendary in every aspect and is one of the few still carrying on the traditional bengali culture & cuisine.
I was also surprised to find that the prices were very reasonable compared to the quality and stature of this restaurant and is one of the prime reasons huge number of people flock this sweet shop all around the year.

Amit Ghosh

One of d best "sweet shop" in Kolkata. Awesome sweeties....taste and innovation both. Fingerlicking sweets & snacks. Just can't stop....chalta hi jae

Hemang Sheth

No one can make sweets like Bengal & Bengalis...Great collection of Sandesh. Can try the seasonal Souffl´┐Żs they have. Very hygienic and clean.


Absolutely love their baked rasgullas, they are one of a kind. I once tried their other sweets which were outstanding. I do make sure that whenever I visit the pathetic city of Kolkata I do try it. It helps me diminish my unlikelines towards this city.

Raktim Ray

Balaram Mallick is the new generation sweet shop of Kolkata...If u think that only rosogolla and sandesh,ladykeni,pantua r the only sweets in Kolkata..then u must surely visit this Famous shop.change is dynamic process..and from Rosogolla they modified to Baked Rosogolla which os by far the best,sandesh is modified to Chocolate Sandesh among the many others.If u have a cravings for Sweets,it is surely your place

S Roy

Nice products